“From its slick punk aesthetic to its brutally satisfying combat, it might just be the Warriors sequel I’ve been waiting 10 years for.”

PC Gamer

This weekend, everyone can play Smash+Grab for free!

If you purchase Smash+Grab before 12pm PDT Tuesday, you’ll get the game for 15% off. Be sure to grab it before the discount disappears off our site.

Now is your chance to team up (or face off) with your friends amid the dystopian multiplayer mayhem. Deck out your crew in unique style, craft your weapons to get the upper hand, and battle your way to the top.

Since our Early Access launch, we’ve patched the game 7 times and made 63 big improvements, including Crew Commands, crash and bug fixes, optimisations, gameplay and matchmaking tuning, and the addition of new unlockable items.

We’re going to keep up that pace with regular bug fixes and tweaks, as well as major content updates, which will add new characters, maps, modes and more.

The streets outside the new casinos of Union Bay are calling – it’s time to get in there and join in the chaos.

Free Weekend and 15% discount run from 12pm PDT October 13th to 12pm PDT October 18th, 2016.

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